Cyber Security Scotland – Supporting the Public Sector build secure services

The Challenge

In a technical area such as cyber security it is challenging to keep up to date in such a rapidly moving field. Being the “intelligent client” when procuring security goods or services is particularly demanding. Pubic bodies need to have confidence that good advice is being provided on what solutions are fit-for-purpose.

How we Help

This is where Cyber Security Scotland can help. As the “honest broker” we can provide plain English guidance on ICT, data and assurance security strategy development, tender specifications and procurement exercises. We also manage project delivery to ensure suppliers deliver Best Value for the public purse.

Our Experience

With 25 years’ experience in cyber security we have a depth of expertise to draw upon to help guide your planning and decision-making.

Our founder Dr Keith Nicholson PhD, CISM, CISA has a deep understanding of the public sector in Scotland having worked with the Scottish Government, NDPBs, NMDs, Police Scotland, Universities and the NHS he understands the demands placed on public bodies and the value of the data they hold. He has contributed to Scottish Government policy in this area and is a member of the Cross-Public sector Cyber group of the Scottish Government.